Frequently Asked Questions
First Script Network Services

Here are some questions First Script answers frequently. If your question is not answered below, please contact (800-776-2041), e-mail:

Does First Script use a formulary?

Yes. This formulary is based on the most commonly prescribed medications for workers’ compensation, and can be customized to fit our clients’ needs.

What does the pharmacy check prior to dispensing?

The pharmacy processes First Script prescriptions online. It verifies the employee's eligibility, performs a drug utilization review, and compares prescriptions against First Script’s formulary.

How are we billed for prescriptions processed through the program?

First Script processes invoices twice a month. We can invoice electronically, loading them automatically into your bill review/payment processing system.

After enrollment, will pharmacies be calling asking for payment authorization?

No. Prescriptions filled through First Script are automatically authorized.

What charges besides invoices for the prescriptions provided can we expect?

None – the only bill you pay is the invoice for actual prescriptions filled. There are no charges for enrollment, invoice processing, or administration.

What happens if an employee’s claim is denied or medications unrelated to the injury are filled?

There is no cost to the payer for first fill prescriptions against a claim later denied or any prescriptions filled that are later determined to be unrelated to the injury. First Script is at risk for these prescriptions.

Does First Script offer home delivery?

Yes. Employees can elect to receive medications through the mail. First Script even helps to identify potential mail order patients to help you maximize savings.

What reports are available?

We provide a standard utilization and savings report that can be grouped at many levels, including payer, employer, adjuster, and location. Reports can be detailed to the prescription level. Custom report formats are available – usually at no additional charge.

What financial savings can I expect?

On a nationwide basis, First Script savings average 10-15% discounts on fees and charges.

How do I begin using First Script?

Call us at 800-776-2041. We will work with you to develop a program plan and implementation schedule.